Export Course

Exporting your course allows you to save the course content and structure. It is a backup of the entire course without student information or activity. Before Blackboard exports the course you are presented with options of what you would like to save. Once you have submitted these options, Blackboard will create a zip file that contains your course. This zip file then can be downloaded to your computer.

It is recommended that you delete the zip file from Blackboard once downloaded to your computer as the file counts against your disk quota.

Two good reasons for using this option are:

  1. You want a backup of your course for future use. Courses within blackboard at RDC have a finite life of 18 months after the last day of classes. After this date the course is deleted.
  2. Once the course has been exported, the zip file that is created can be given to someone else and be imported into any other Blackboard course site.



updated: November 6, 2014
Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11