Course Copy

Course copy allows you to transfer all your existing courseware to your next offering of the same course.


You must be in the course that contains your course content. You will copy this information from the OLD course to the NEW course (if you do this backwards, you will have two empty courses!)

  1. The course copy tool can be found under “Packages and Utilities” in the Course Management menu:Ccopy1

  3. Selecting “Course Copy” opens a new window. Leave “Select Copy Type” in its default position. Browse for the Destination Course ID (Remember – this is the course that will receive content from this course.) Now choose “Select All” – you can uncheck those areas you don’t need (until you are familiar with Blackboard, copying everything is probably best.)Ccopy2

  1. If you use Discussion Boards, you should decide whether or not you wish to retain the Starter Posts:Ccopy3

  1. Leave 3. File Attachments as is. It is a good idea to check your course size. If it is large (>250MB), contact CTL for advice on shrinking the size. If it is over 750MB the copy will not launch.  To make sure :


Click the radio button beside “Copy links and copies of the content (include entrie course home folder”. Then click “Calculate Size”:Ccopy4

The size of the package will appear:  

Click on Package Contents to reveal the size of each component. You can sort by size to see which elements are largest.Ccopy6


  1. If everything is good then click the radio button “Copy links and copies of the content”
  2. Leave 4. Enrollments unchecked since you don’t want existing student data in your new course.
  3. Click “Submit.”


The screen will close and a “Success Message” will appear. You will receive an email when the process is complete.Ccopy7