Demo Students

Blackboard Learn 9.1 does not have a demo student by default. A department-shared demo student can be created for Blackboard, which can be enrolled into your course, enabling you to view your course as a student.

Request a Demo Student

To request a demo student for your department, please ask your department Chair to contact the Service Desk ( with the department name (e.g. History, Education, Biology, etc.).

Check Your Course as Demo Student

All instructors within your department or area (Carpentry, English, Nursing) would use the same demo student. At any one time, several instructors could be logged in as a demo student and could see other courses. If this is a concern, you can make your course site unavailable to the demo student.
If you wish to check your course as a student, enroll the demo student into your course, and ensure the course site available to the demo student. Then login to Blackboard as the demo student, and check out your course as a student. Once you have done this, you can log back into Blackboard as yourself and make the course site unavailable to that demo student.
TIP: Use one browser to login as a demo student, and another browser to login as yourself. This will allow you to make changes and view them at the same time, without switching back and forth between logins.
Please note that leaving the demo student in your course will impact the class average, as the Grade Centre treats it like any other student, so be sure to remove the demo student for accurate averages in the Grade Centre.

Learn More

This video shows you how to use a shared departmental demo student in Blackboard 9.1.


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