Known Issues for Red Deer College

The following are known issues with Blackboard Learn 9.1:

Red Deer College is on Service Pack (SP) 13


Fill in the Blank Question is not Working Correctly

Release: 9.1

Issue Description: Fill in the Blank question is not working as expected when the option ‘contains’ is selected. When you create the correct answer with NO spaces and you submit with spaces using the CONTAINS option it should work but it doesn’t.

Steps to Replicate: 1.    Enter a course and create an assessment with a Fill in the Blank Question using the ‘contains’ option.
2.    Create the question such that:
A correct answer should be {t, v, x, z}
bracket ) t ) comma ) space ) v ) comma ) space ) x ) comma ) space ) z ) bracket
3.    Take the assessment as a student
4.    In the answer box, a student types {t,v,x,z} (same as above but no spaces and selected Contains.

Observed Result:
The answer is counted wrong.

Target Fix: 9.1 SP16
Patch Available: No