New to Blackboard

We have created a series of documents that will assist you when building your course in Blackboard. Click on the title of the document to view it (you can choose to download or print it from the viewer if desired).

PDF Documents

  1. First Access to the Loop and Blackboard
  2. Structuring your Course in Blackboard
  3. Add an Attachment in an Item in Blackboard
  4. Insert a File in an Item in Blackboard
  5. Add an Image in an Item in Blackboard
  6. Link to a Website in an Item in Blackboard
  7. Embedding a YouTube Video in an Item in Blackboard (using Mashups)
  8. Calendar
  9. Assessments (Creating and Deploying a Test)
  10. Creating an Assignment
  11. Discussion Boards, Wikis, Journals, and Blogs
  12. Grade Center (Including Grading Schema and Entering Grades)
  13. End of Semester Tasks (Submitting Final Grades & Course Copy, Export, Archive)
  14. Entering Final Grades through the Loop

If you would like to download all of the resources available, please click on the “New to Blackboard Zip File” below.