Main Course Menu

This panel gives you access to all aspects of your course. It has two main sections – the top portion links to all the content associated with your course. The bottom portion (Course Management) contains all the tools you will need to build and manage your course.

Hiding the Main Course Menu

When building content, you may find the main course menu takes up a lot of space. You can hide it by moving your mouse beside the menu. When you are close to the top, a little tab will appear (see below.) Clicking this tab makes the menu collapse to give you more working room.

Hide Course Menu


The problem for most of us is that when you want to bring the main menu back, the tab is not obvious. Hover your mouse along the left hand side of the screen until the opposite tab appears.

Show Course Menu

Click on it to restore the main course.


Main Course Menu Symbols

  • The little greyed out box indicates that there is presently no content
  • The little box beside Tools indicates that this item is not visible to students