First Access

As a new employee, you should first begin by logging in to our portal, “The Loop.”

You will be given a username (typically your first initial followed by your last name.) Your initial password will be your birthdate in this format: YYYYMmmDD (1990Apr15)

To find the loop, go to When you get there, please watch the short video clip, Using the loop. It will show you where you can find the most important information on our portal, particularly, where to access Blackboard™!


Click on the Blackboard 9.1 button: LoopBB
After you click on the Blackboard icon, you will see a page that looks similar to this:

BB Overview


This is called the “MyRDC” page. In addition to some information boxes, you should see the courses you are instructing in the “My courses” box. You can also access a list of your courses in the Teaching Common tab under your username.

Select a course. You should see the Home Page and it will appear similar to this:

Home Page


Your course will normally open up in the Home Page. At this point, you will likely not see much activity, but the names of the boxes (modules) suggest they will display very important information soon.

One of the first and most important tasks in using Blackboard is finding your way around. Once you become familiar with their system, you will find it fairly easy. However, for a newcomer, finding your way around can be a bit tricky. We will now cover some of the more important navigation tools.