Enable Early Access for Students

Blackboard course sites are automatically available to students from the first day of classes to 90 days after the last scheduled day of classes.

CTL recommends making your courses available at least 2 weeks prior to the first day of classes so students can access content before the first class.

Please make your students aware that they will not have access to their course after the course end date plus 90 days. Trades course end dates will not change. If students wish to keep any course materials for future use, they can download materials during the period of the course.

Instructors have full control over their course, and can change the course start and end dates settings at any time.

To check and or change your Blackboard course availability dates, please see the directions below.

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How to Change Course Availability (Start and End Dates):

  1. In your Blackboard course, go to Control Panel
  2. Click Customization (to expand menu)
  3. Click Properties
  4. Ensure #2: Set Availability is set to “Yes” (to make your course unavailable to students, select “No”)
  5. In #3: Set Course Duration choose the Select Dates option
  6. Choose your preferred course Start Date and End Date
  7. Click on Submit on the bottom of the page

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This video shows you how to change the Course Availability in Blackboard 9.

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For more information on Course Properties, see Blackboard Help for Instructors.

Updated July 19, 2013
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11

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