Smart Views

A Smart View is a filter that will display the Grade Centre differently depending on the criteria that the view has. By default a course starts with eight views. These views can not be deleted.

  • Assignments
  • Blogs
  • Discussion Boards
  • Final Grade View
  • Journals
  • Preview of My Grades
  • Self and Peer Assessments
  • Tests


Types of Views

A good way to learn how criteria works with views is edit these defaults and see how they were created. These maybe copied and changed to create new views. Also a view can be started from scratch. You are given five templates or “Types of View” to start the view. The last type is called custom. This gives you the most flexibility. The different type of views are:

  • Course Group – Criteria used is groups
  • Performance – Criteria used is marks
  • User – Criteria used is users (students and/or instructors)
  • Category and Status – Criteria used is categories and the status of that category
  • Custom – make a view based on user criteria

Each view has it’s own criteria that can be used to create a view of the Grade Centre.


Course Group

This criteria uses “groups” that were created within the course.  If no groups were created then this view will not be possible.GroupCriteria

An application for this would be if you joined two courses to create one. Within this one course two groups would be created and each student from a course would be added to a group. A view would be created for these two groups. Now it is possible to choose a group to see only those students in the grade centre.



This criteria uses marks from a column to view students.PerformanceCriteria

An application for this would be to see students that scored low on a test. A midterm for example or a test leading up to a midterm.  You then could email the students letting them know where they stand in the course.



This criteria uses “users” (Students) for creating views.

UserCriteriaAn application for this could be to show all the students but only the columns within a certain category (such-as quizzes). This type of view would show all the students but only the columns that are in the category “quizzes”.


Category and Status

This Criteria uses categories and users for creating views.


An application for this could be to look at all the “Not Attempted” columns under a category selecting all the users. This way you could email the students that have not attempted the assessment  saying the due date is approaching or asking if they need some help.



This view gives you the most flexibility to create almost any type of view you would like but is the most complex to use.


If you feel that the custom smart view is needed for your course please contact CTL and we would be happy to help you set a custom Smart View.


Accessing Smart Views

Creating and accessing Smart Views is in the same area. You need to be in the Grade Centre and from the menu above the Grade Centre select “Manage -> Smart Views”


From here you will see the Smart Views available and the option to create a new Smart View.


In this screen you have the option to:

  • Use the Smart View
  • Edit a Smart View
  • Copy a Smart View
  • Delete a Smart View
  • Add the Smart View as a favourite

To use the Smart View just click on it and you will be shown the Grade Centre using the Smart View. For Example if you clicked on “Tests” you would see the Grade Centre with all the students and the columns that are in the category “test”.  To see how the Smart view is configured you may edit it. This is done by clicking on the chevron to the right of the name. Any Smart View that is “Type” System will not have  the option to delete. Any custom types will.


Smart View Favourites

Making a Smart View a favourite adds the Smart View to the menu to the left under Grade Centre.  This allows a quick way to change the view of the Grade Centre. To make the Smart View a favourite just click on the star to the right of the name. The star turns green indicating that the Smart View is available. Below is showing the favourites from the Grade Centre menu and “Play” (blue arrow) is a custom Smart View.


You also have the option to add a Smart View as a favourite when you are creating the smart view.


More Information

At Blackboard’s website: Using Smart Views in the Grade Center

Blackboard Video: Creating Smart Views (3:12)


Version: Bb 9.1 SP13: 2014.08.08