Grading Schema

Note: you will have to do this for each course.

Establishing the Grading Schema for your course is the very first place you should begin when setting up your Grade Center. This is where you determine the numerical grade necessary to achieve a particular letter grade.


  1. RDC does not have a general policy regarding grading schema. Each department or school have their own rules. Sometimes the entire school will follow a single schema; sometimes the decision is made at the program level or even by the individual course or instructor.
  2. Blackboard Grades is a great repository for grades, but you must still manually enter all final letter grades through “The Loop.”


How to Change Your Grading Schema

You do not need to create a new grading schema. You can just rename the default schema and edit it.

To access the Grading Schema, select the “Manage” dropdown:Grading Schema
Select the Action Link and select “Edit.”  This will open the default.

Important! Place a new name in the Title.

Next, adjust the percentages according to your requirements:

Schema Mapping


If you copy this course to a new one in a subsequent semester, a default schema will still be created. You should delete the default and ensure your schema is correct.