Entering Grades

Student scores are entered automatically into the Grade Center for course items you create such as online tests, exams, and surveys. You must enter grades manually for items that are graded outside Blackboard.

When you enter the Full Grade Centre, you will see student names, IDs and a series of columns. You will also see a drop-down menu for creating columns, calculated columns and a number of management tools.

Full Grade Center

 As mentioned above, Grade Center has a lot of features. Here are the basics:

Rows contain individual student records. Columns contain data such as grades for individual assignments, calculated totals and final letter grades.



If you have created any tests or assignments that are graded, new columns are added automatically. You can view these by moving the horizontal scroll bar when you enter the Grade Center.EnterGrades2On the lower left there is a tab called “Icon Legend” – it will display all the icons Blackboard will use to give you important information on the table. For example the row that was entered manually has a little orange triangle embedded.

Please note: grades for discussion boards, blogs, wikis and journals are inputted through the tools themselves. You must leave the Grade Center and go to the tool to input grades. If you do not place a grade in the tool itself, the column will not be visible on this table.

Columns can be grouped together into “categories.” You can also create columns that calculate partial or overall total.

By default, a “Weighted Total” column is created. Select the action link associated with this column and select Edit Column Information:

Edit column info

In the first section you can add additional information (Grade Center Name allows you to put a shorter name – useful to keep a long name within the column width.) You can also specify a letter grade instead of a percentage grade – which you will need when you submit final grades at the end of your course.

To select the columns and categories to include in the total, look at the box below. When you select an item in either the Columns or Categories boxes (a.) and click the little activate box (b.) the column or category will move to the Selected Columns box. You will then adjust the percentage weight for all selected columns until the Total Weight adds up to 100% (c.)EnterGrades4


 In the next section, you can determine whether or not you want to include grades for the selected columns, whether or not to show these results to your students in their view (My Grades,) and additional statistics.EnterGrades5