Colour Codes

Colour codes allows you to, at a glance, see how students are doing.  Colour codes change the look of the Grade Centre cells to colours depending on how criteria has been set.


Creating a Colour Code

To create a colour for your Grade Centre you need to be in the Grade Centre itself and select “Manage -> Grading Color Codes”


This will open a new window with options to enhance the Grade Centre. There are three areas that can be changed.

  • Enable the colour codes: If the check box is clear then the colours will not be assigned to the Grade Centre. This is set by default.
  • Grading Status: Allows you to change the colour of “In Progress”, “Needs Grading”, and  “Exempt”. By default it is white. Icons are used to show the status so colour is not really needed.
  • Grade ranges: This allows you to use the students score to select the colour to be shown. Also more then one criteria can be used.


Grade Ranges

When changing the Grade Ranges you have options to create the look you want.


The first field will indicate how the criteria will respond to the cell.  Will the criteria be less then, more or equal to, or between a percentage.  Then a colour is associated to the criteria. The colour can be the background, the text itself, or both. There is a preview of what the cell will look like with the colours chosen. The criteria can also be deleted.

The button below these fields allows you to create more criteria.


Below is an example using a green background for cells over 75% and orange text for cells below 65%.



This is what the Grade Centre looks like with the colour codes.


NOTE: More criteria can be created but please be aware that the Grade Centre could become unreadble. If you are using this as a retention device Blackboard does have an area specifically for retention.


More Information

At Blackboard’s website: How to Colour code the Grade Centre

Blackboard YouTube video:


Version Bb 9.1 SP13: 2014.08.08