Categories allows you to organize Grade Centre columns. These categories then can be used within calculated columns and Smart Views.


Types of Categories

By default Blackboard has already created Categories to use. These are:

  • Assignment
  • Blog
  • Discussion
  • Self and Peer
  • Survey
  • Test

Whenever you create an item that is in a defined area of Blackboard, Blackboard will add the column to a default category.  For example, Creating a test, Blackboard will add the test column to the Test Category. Only one category can be assigned to a column.


Creating a Category

To create a new category, one must be in the Grade Centre and select from the menu “Manage -> Categories”


From here you will see all the categories that have been created and which columns are in each category. The image below is an example of what is shown.



From the image above you can see the categories (called Title) and the columns. The three columns under “Assignment” and “Test” were added by Blackboard. The “Title called “Ave” was created. The columns av1 to av3 were then manually added to the Category.

To create a new category there is a button at the top left called “Create Category”. Click this and you will be brought to a new page. In this new page you name the category and have the option to give it a description. Click “Submit” and the category will be created.


Adding a Category

To add a category to a column you must edit the column information. To do this, be in the Grade Centre and click on the chevron to the right of the name of the column (green arrow in image below). This will bring up a menu for the column and select “Edit Column Information”. 


Once in the Column Information, just before option 2. “Dates”, you will find Category. There will be a drop down menu. Click on this and the menu will expand to show all the categories available to you. If the list is very large there will be a scroll bar to allow access to all the categories. Below is an example.


By default, “No Category” is selected if the column was manually created.


Using Categories

Once the columns are in Categories there are two places that can use categories:


Deleting Categories

Only manually created categories that are not used can be deleted. If a manual category is added to a column the category can not be deleted. Below is a manual category in some columns. It can be seen there is no option to delete it.


 Now the category has been removed from the columns and the delete option is available.



More Information

Blackboard’s website: Creating Categories

Blackboard Video: Creating Categories (2:04)


Version: Bb 9.1 SP13: 2014.08.07