Learning Module

The CTL recommends starting with a Learning Module.


Learning Module vs. Module Page

A learning module is quite different from a Module Page. A Learning Module is a folder where you can place any type of course content whereas a Module Page allows you to provide a collection of tools for your student.

Course Content2

Please note: you cannot place a Learning Module inside another Learning Module – use Content Folders instead.


Table of Contents

Whenever you create a Learning Module, a Table of Contents is automatically built in. Each Learning Module, then, becomes an easy path through the course materials.

You can change the size of the table of contents or hide it altogether. Using the icons indicated below to expand the size of the content window or menu for optimal viewing:LMmenu

Once inside the learning module, you can add various types of content.

If you wish to build content and then decide later whether or not you need to add folders, you can. It’s very easy to reorganize and move content around later.