In Bb 9.1, you can create Groups. You can use Groups to divide your class for discussions, assignments, or collaborative work.


Groups & Multiple Sections of a Course

You can also use Groups if you have cross-listed courses. If you are teaching multiple sections of a course or if you would like several courses merged into a single Bb 9.1 site, you can do this and then create Groups so that students are separated into their original enrollment sections.

For example, Math 209 A and B are taught by 1 instructor and each section has 3 Tutorials with three different Tutors. These could be combined into a single Bb 9.1 course. Within that course, you could create Groups for Section A and Section B; you could also create Groups for Tutorial Section A1, A2, A3 and B1, B2, and B3. Each Group can have its own Announcements and can be emailed separately from the others.


Smart Views in Grade Center

Once Groups are created, you can set up Smart Views in the Grade Center so that you can view only the students in a particular Group. When the Instructor or Teaching Assistant/Tutor logs in, they can view a single Group as well and then input grades only for that Group.


More Information

Bb Help for Instructors has information on Groups and on Smart Views. CTL has also created the following video that takes you step-by-step through the creation of Groups and Smart Views in the Grade Center. You can also view the video directly on Vimeo:

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