Announcements allow you to inform students of upcoming events, tests, and assignments. There are two places announcements will appear. One is in the course itself and the other on the main “My Institution” Blackboard page when a student accesses Blackboard.

The “My Institution” blackboard page will have announcements from all courses the student is taking. These announcements will be grouped by course.

The announcements within the course show on the page called “home page”. This page is the default entry point when a student enters the course. As an instructor you may change this entry point or remove the “home page”. If the default entry point has been changed the student would need to access the “home page” manually. If the page has been removed the student would not have access to the announcements within the course. The student would still be able to see announcements from the “My Institution” main Blackboard page.

There are two places where an announcement can be created. One is within the announcement page itself. This allows you to create any type of announcement. The other is when you create an assessment. An assessment can be a test, survey, and or an assignment.

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Using announcements effectively, please visit Centre for Teaching and Learning


Updated Aug 9, 2013
Blackboard Learn 9.1 Service Pack 11

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