Blackboard Collaborate Ultra Interface

The User Interface

The Collaborate with the Ultra Experience room looks very different to that in the Classic version, but still contains many of the Classic features which are now presented to the user via a more streamlined intuitive and aesthetic interface.

The image below shows the current default Ultra Room screen when you are the only one in the session.

Ultra Interface


The Interface


The My Settings button allows you to check your Audio & Video and Notification settings. You can also change your status to ‘Away’ from here, should you need to step away from the room.

audio_-_on Microphone: Turn your audio on. Lines through the microphone icon means that it is turned off.

video_-_pressCamera: Turn your video on. Lines through the camera icon means that it is turned off. Select Share Video to turn it on.

raise_hand_-_on Raise Hand: Raise your hand to answer a question or get another moderator’s attention. Select Raise Hand.

collaborate_panel_control The Collaborate Panel: Open the Collaborate panel. Activating this button opens a ‘tab list’ which works as follows:

bb_sessiontools2 Chat: The first tab “Chat” allows you to read and post messages with participants. Open the Collaborate panel and select Open Chat.
  Participants Panel: View the list of participants. Open the Collaborate panel and Select Open Participants List.
  Share Content: You can share a blank whiteboard, an application, PDFs, PowerPoint presentations, and images in GIF, JPEG and PNG formats. You can also poll participants.
  My Settings: Add a profile image, set up your audio and video, your notifications, and session settings.
Close: “close Collaborate Panel” button to exit out of this experience.

To test your audio and/or video, click on the Share buttons for the first time and you will go to a test page to make sure your settings are correct. This will allow you to check your settings for both audio and video are as you would wish before you begin your session.