Deploying Exams

Once you have created your test, you must deploy it in order for your students to access it. Deploying the test is a two-step process: (1) add the test to a course area, and (2) make it available.


1. Adding the Test to the Course Area

  1. Navigate to the location you wish to place the test in your course
  2. With Edit Mode On, select the “Assessments” tab from the grey bar
  3. Select “Test”
  4. Select your test from the “Add Test” list
  5. You may add instructions and make them available to your students
  6. Click Submit (this will open the Test Options page – instructions are below)


2. Setting the Test Options

Test Availability

  • Make the Link Available: Select “Yes” (you can set date and time restrictions for when the test appears for students in the Display After/ Display Until option below)
  • Add a New Announcement for this Test: If you would like an announcement to be sent immediately (even if you set the test to open on a later date), select “Yes”
  • Multiple Attempts: If you wish, you can allow multiple attempts
  • Force Completion: Forcing completion will not allow a student to leave the test and re-enter later. While this sounds like a good idea, the problem is that if the student loses their internet connection they will be prevented from completing the exam
  • Set Timer: Setting a timer will inform you of the amount of time the student needed to complete the test. Note that you can decide to end the exam after the time specified or allow the test to continue by setting the Auto-Submit On or Off option
  • Display After/ Display Until: You can choose the date and time when students can access the test
  • Password: You can set a password that will be required in order for students to enter the test (not normally recommended – needless stress for your students)

Show Test Results and Feedback to Students

  • You have a number of controls to determine the way the test is presented. You can decide what feedback the students receive (score, answers, etc.)Test Options (Blackboard 9.1)
    You can also specify when their results are available:DeployTest1

Test Presentation

  • The test can be presented all at once or one question at time. If you choose “One at a time” you can also prohibit backtracking as well as presenting questions in a random order.


  • Click “Submit” when you have finished setting your test options!