Create a Test

There are two ways to create a test (outlined below). One is straightforward, the other more powerful.


Method 1. Staightforward

You can create a test by selecting it under the Assessments Tab in Course Content:



Method 2. More Options

You can also select it under “Tests, Surveys and Pools” under the Course Tools menu on the left side.Tests2
This takes you to a selection screen:

Test Survey Pool

When you select Tests, you see a list of all of your tests as well as selection tools to allow you to build or import a test:


Selecting”Test” (Method 1) or “Build Test” (Method 2) will take you to the following screen where you can either create a new test or select a previously constructed test.Add test
You will then give the test a name and provide a description followed by instructions.Test info

After you have entered your information, click “Submit” and a new page will open:

Test canvas

Click on the “Create Question” drop down to select the question type:create q

You will then be asked to enter information for each question. If you choose “Multiple Choice”, you will provide the question body, correct answer and distractors. You can also change the number of points for each question.


Many instructors find it easier to write their exams in Word and then copy and paste their questions into the text boxes. One other tool offered by CTL is a program called Respondus. We can help you import your Word file directly to Blackboard using this program. The program has its limitations and may require some additional formatting but may be a real time saver.