Respondus is third party software that allows you to create tests and then upload them into an LMS (Learning Management System). Respondus allows you to quickly and easily import tests from Word or a text editor. You can also create questions within Respondus itself. Below is a list of benefits and limitations to using Respondus:



  • Test questions can be used with different LMSs
  • Can print questions in test format with or without answers
  • Retrieve reports and Grade Centre
  • Add test to content areas for Blackboard
  • Add questions to either tests or pools in Blackboard


  • Limited choice of test questions
  • Must be saved as a Word document or text file if using other programs
  • Limited reports
  • Costs (30 day trial is available)


The positives do out way the negatives. Respondus is worth the cost if you create many tests or pools in your courses. The option to print tests is worth the cost as Blackboard does not print.

How to use Respondus

While Respondus gives you the opprotunity to create test questions in the program itself, it is faster to use Word or a text editor to create the questions. The format of the document is very important when using Word or a text editor. Respondus will tell you if there are errors in the document as you import the test.  Understanding how to format the document will help by not having as many errors and quickly correcting them. 

Formatting Test Questions for Respondus

Below is a PDF that will explain how to format a document with test questions so Respondus will read it.

FormattingTest Questions for Respondus_1   Formatting Test Questions for Respondus (PDF 29KB) 


Importing Tests into Blackboard

Once you have created the document, it is time to run Respondus. The PDF below shows the steps to import the document into Respondus and then into Blackboard.

Tests into Blackboard_1    Test into Blackboard (PDF 554KB)


Exporting Tests from Blackboard

The PDF below shows the steps to export tests or pools from Blackboard. You can use this method to create a paper test.

Test out of Blackboard_1    Test out of Blackboard (PDF 413KB)


If you wish to use Respondus, CTL has a copy installed on the Sound Room PC. Please contact CTL to book the room.

More Information

At Respondus’ website: Assorted Videos.
At Respondus’ website: Guides. Downloadable Word documents
                                                         (For Red Deer College click on “Blackboard Learn Personality)

Lockdown and Monitor new-ribbon

Red Deer College is adding to its suite of tools from Respondus. These assessment tools integrate with the Blackboard environment to provide online solutions for building and monitoring assessments.

New this fall Respondus Lockdown Browser and Monitor. The Lockdown Browser is a custom browser that locks down the test environment in Blackboard. In this application students are unable to navigate outside of the exam. Respondus Monitor utilizes the students computer camera to monitor the student during their exam. Alerts help faculty determine behaviours that may indicate misconduct.

For more information contact the Centre for Teaching and Learning.

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