Printing Tests

Printing a test from Blackboard is not as easy as clicking on the print button from within the browser. Most LMSs don’t have an option to print off a test since the test is online.

Google Chrome is the one browser that will print the whole test.

Please note: When the test is being printed and a question is close to the bottom of a page the question may start to print on one page and finish on another.  Also a question could print in half. The top half of the question on one page and the bottom half on another.  Unfortunately, there is no resolution for this.

How to Print a Test in Blackboard

  1. Open Blackboard in the browser Google Chrome.
  2. Have the student sign in with their username and password.
  3. Go to the test and start it. 
  4. Scroll down to the bottom of the test.
  5. Highlight the test by clicking and holding the left mouse button down
    • Start at the last word of the test.
    • Move the mouse to the top of the screen. The browser should scroll up.
    • When you reach the top of the test. Stop and go back to where only the name of the test and the test itself is highlighted.
    • Stop holding the mouse button down
  6.  Click on the wrench icon at the top right of the Chrome browser. Another way is to press the buttons “Ctrl-> P” together. If you do this skip step 7.
  7. Click on the print option in the menu.
  8. Click on the print button.
  9. Log out of Blackboard. This will log the student out of Blackboard. They still will be able to access the test by logging back into Blackboard.

If the test is timed, the test will start counting down once you start the test to print it. The student can log into any computer and access Blackboard when they are ready to enter the answers to the questions.


The video below will show you how to print a test in Blackboard.


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