Inline Assignment Grading

Inline Grading is a tool that has been added to Blackboard to help grade assignments. Inline Grading lets you annotate student work within Blackboard, without the need for downloading assignments. By using the annotation tools, you can provide student feedback such as comments, highlights, drawings, and text directly on an assignment without leaving Blackboard.  Inline Grading allows the use of rubrics or inputting a score for the student.  This mark is then sent directly to the Grade Centre. The student receives the score and also can see the annotations to their work.


How does it work?

Use the Assignment tool within Blackboard to create your assignment. You can add instructions and upload files during set-up. Inline Grading will appear when it comes time to mark the assignment. To use inline grading, your students must upload their assignment in a compatible file format.

What File Types Are Compatible?

You can ask your students to upload a variety of different file formats compatible with inline grading:

  • Word (.doc, .docx)
  • PowerPoint (.ppt, .pptx)
  • Excel (.xls, .xlsx)
  • PDF

When a student is ready to submit the assignment they have two options. Copy and paste the assignment into the editor that is offered to them or attach the file. If the student uses the editor or uploads a different formatted file Inline Grading will not work. Using the editor the document will be seen but on annotations can be done on the file. If the document is a non compatible file type, then it must be downloaded for viewing; it will not be visible within Blackboard.  At this time, inline grading is not available when using SafeAssignments.

Navigating the Inline Grading screen

The screen is sectioned into three quadrants:

Blue area is where the document resides and the annotations take place.

Red area has two sub areas. The left side is where you can comment about the annotations. The right side is a history of all the mark ups that was done to the document.

Green area is where the mark is placed, rubric can be accessed, and student and private feedback can be added. The green arrow is pointing to the area that contains the rubric and feedback. Clicking on the the “V” will open this area.

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Student Privacy at RDC

Inline Assignment Grading uses a third-party, cloud-based application called Crocodoc. All documents submitted via the Assignment tool are converted into a Crocodoc format for inline viewing within Blackboard; this converted content, along with any annotations, lives on Crocodoc servers in the United States. Original student files remain housed within the RDC Blackboard environment.

Red Deer College has agreed to inform students and instructors that it cannot guarantee protection against possible disclosure of information residing in the United States. Therefore, we advise instructors to provide the following privacy statement to their students, either via a course outline or within Blackboard (or both):

This course uses the Blackboard Assignments tool for submission of course assignments. When you submit an assignment, it is displayed to you and your instructor within Blackboard through an inline viewer called Crocodocs.

Crocodocs is a 3rd-party application that resides within Blackboard, but the assignments submitted through the Assignment tool reside in the United States and are subject to the laws of the US Patriot Act.

Any grades available in your My Grades section of Blackboard remain property of Red Deer College and are not subject to United States laws. These grades remain private between you and your instructor and do not reside on servers outside of Canada.

From Crocodoc for International Users

“The Services [of Crocodoc] are hosted in the United States and are intended for Users in the United States. If you are using the Services from the European Union, Asia or any other region with laws or regulations governing personal data collection, use and disclosure that differs from the laws and regulations in the United States, this Privacy Policy, and our Terms of Use, then please note that you are transferring your personal information to the United States and by using the Services you consent to that transfer and to the use of such information in accordance with United States law.”

View the entire Crocodocs Privacy Policy.

More Information

At Blackboard’s Website: Grading Assignments

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Crocodoc website:


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