Blackboard has an Assignment tool that allows you to offer and receive submissions for a wide range of assignment types: essays, lab reports, discussions, even group projects (basically anything that can be delivered as an electronic document).

When you create an Assignment in Blackboard, a corresponding Grade Center Column is automatically generated.

Students submit their work by either typing into a text box or uploading a file.  If the assignment can be marked electronically, the student submissions are automatically recorded. Otherwise, you can mark a Blackboard assignment using a rubric or by entering marks and feedback into the Grade Center (see below.)

Instructors can also download students’ assignments and return them electronically, or download a batch of student file submissions as a ZIP file.

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  • Create an Assignment
  • Inline Assignment Grading
  • SafeAssignments


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Aug 8, 2013: Blackboard 9.1 Service Pack 11

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